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About Alex

Personal notes

Music shaped my life and how I see the world having studied music semi-religiously since I was ten. 

In any piece of music, there are intelligent people performing complex and incredible actions on completely different instruments at the same time. 

And yet, what we hear comes together to form beautiful melodies and soundscapes that stay with us for days, months or years. 

Good branding and marketing, like music, should clearly communicate a harmonious message that is greater than the sum of the instruments used to create it. 

Alex Knight giving demo
Alex Knight Valuechain Smart Factory Expo
Alex Knight Tricorn Team
A few guidelines for how i work

My Values


A brand without the trust of consumers holds no value - and neither do I.


Transparency empowers teams to perform and improve


Alone we can do much, together we can accomplish so much more

Past Experience

From musician to journalist to marketer, where I have been has shaped who I am today, but not an expectation of where I will be in the future.  


Head of Marketing from 2016-Present

uKnighted music

Founder, editor and journalist from 2015-2017

Revolver records

Digital Marketing Project Lead in 2016

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