Hi, I'm Alex Knight. A branding & creative marketing professional

Connecting brands with their audience

Customers can feel the authenticity of your brand. It needs to be aligned to your organic culture, and connect with consumers on a real level. 

With high-level experience in branding & marketing, I’ve developed and nurtured brands to achieve business growth. 

Musician by passion, marketer by trade

About Me

I initially pursued a career in music. Then studied business management alongside a career in hospitality. And finally, after couple of years as a freelancer, I discovered marketing was a perfect blend of all my passions. 

In 2015, I combined the creative techniques developed in Music with the entrepreneurship, people management and sales techniques learnt from Management to embark on my marketing journey. 

Now, having run my own online publication, and spent 3 years as Head of Marketing in a B2B Tech company, I specialise in creating & developing brands to appeal to your target audience.

Alex Knight Technology
my specialties

My Skillset

Brand development

Uncovering the true heart of brands to develop them and help them flourish.

Marketing Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail... but I always have a plan.


Developing and motivating businesses and customers to advocacy.

combining Experience with Expertise

Branding & Marketing is sometimes revered as the holy grail. Yet sometimes considered the colouring in department. 

The reality is probably somewhere in between. 

From naming bands as a teenager, composing a rock opera, becoming a freelance journalist, and developing four B2B tech brands, I’ve lived and breathed marketing in one form or another all my life. Giving me the platform to help your business thrive.

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